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Academy of Dog Obedience

Sandy Driscoll


Owner and Trainer

Dear Sandy,

Now that our lessons have ended, I just had to write and thank you for everything.   Not only are you a dog trainer extraordinaire, you are an exceptionally kind and caring person.  I am so glad I had a chance to see the difference you could make in the lives of two very different dogs.

Please call on me if you ever need a glowing reference. You really went above and beyond, and I deeply appreciate it.

Laura Cohen, Hancock Park, CA

Jack, our seven month puppy, became a wonderful addition to our home three years ago.  He was playful and smart, with a great personality.  However, he had a few problems.  He would nip and bite at our hands and fingers, and he was impossible to walk on a leash, running, pulling then turning to attack the leash and us.  As Sandy so aptly put it, he was a very “mouthy” little dog!  All the correcting and attempts at discipline fell on deaf puppy ears.  One day I had finally had enough, and called Sandy.

I couldn’t wait for her to see Jack in action;  I figured she really had her work cut out for her.  I was amazed.  At their first introduction, Jack practically saluted!  He sat at attention and awaited her command.  I couldn’t believe it!  My jaw literally dropped.   What I finally figured out was Jack instinctively knew that Sandy meant business and she was in charge!  After the first training session, Jack was sitting and staying and starting to walk without pulling.

Over the next four training sessions, Jack was a different puppy, learning quickly.   Sandy was an excellent teacher, not only with Jack, but most important she taught us how to work with him to get the behavior we wanted.  Thanks to Sandy, Jack learned to heel comfortably, our walks together

Jack and Jill

Harry and Joyce


© Sandy Driscoll 2012

became really enjoyable.  Most of all, she helped Jack to become a very happy  well behaved little dog.

Recently, we found and adopted a five month old Terrier mix whom we named Jill.  Once more Sandy came to our rescue and helped Jill become a well adjusted and happy new member of our family.

Thanks again, Sandy.  You’re the greatest!


Joyce Jewell & Harry Kerber, Glendale, CA

Harry and Joyce with Jack and Jill

Dear Sandy,

Our sincere thanks to you for the exemplary training you provided our family.  Aurora, a rescue mixed breed terrier came to us a few days before Christmas ’08.  She was not a happy camper, nor were we.  She was anxious, fearful, not housebroken and fitful if a man came near her.  My adult son, Kevin, was unable to enter a room without extreme barking and trembling on her part.   He is now her official athletic  director!  They go on daily walks and she eagerly looks forward to her time with him.

She has turned into a happy dog who walks on her leash quite well, is housebroken, sleeps in her crate peacefully and often returns to it during the day if she tires of us.   We owe all  this to you, your patience and priceless dog training knowledge.

We love your acceptance of quick phone calls when we need expert advice or encouragement.  She was definitely on her way back to the shelter.  She had several issues and it was making our home not a pleasant place to be or visit.

I sought out several trainers, but they either didn’t come to our area of the city or simply did not return my calls.  Finally, I took out the friendly Yellow Pages and there you were.   You called back within hours and from there it’s all history.  Her graduation certificate hangs proudly on the office wall.  Once again, thank you for helping us “rescue” our rescue.

Gratefully yours,

The King Family, Leimert Park, CA


The King Family

Roxy and Anja

Jan-Henk, Sugar and Christy

A couple of months ago we decided to adopt a dog from the shelter.  What a love we found in our dear Sugar, but as we soon found out, she did have some behavioral issues, especially outside the house.  (Inside she was a darling.)

She barked at almost everyone we met and seemed overall very nervous.  She obviously was not used to being in a household where a dog is a part of the family.   She was afraid of other people and dogs which made our daily walks not very relaxing, to say the least.

So we decided to ask for help from Sandy Driscoll.   Now, after five lessons, our Sugar is a totally different dog!  She’s polite and feels much more sure of herself.

So we would like to thank you, Sandy, for this accomplishment and for your patience, advice and your enormous love for dogs and also for our Sugar.  We felt we were always able to call you for advice and you showed a lot of interest in our experience with Sugar.

Your lessons were very effective, firm as needed, and yet with TLC.   Most important, Sugar seemed to really enjoy our lessons and so did we!

Thank you very much, Sandy.

Christy and Jan-Henk Zandberg, Los Angeles

Sandy is the “best of the best” with dog obedience and behavior training.  She helped me with my behavior challenged Pit Bull rescue and is working with my new French Bulldog puppy, Roxy.  My Frenchie is achieving things I never thought possible.

Sandy is passionate about her work, knowledgeable, and always available by phone.   I highly recommend her to all of my friends. 

Anja Christy, Valencia, CA

Sandy’s method was fast, effective, and caring.  She helped to quickly build an environment of structure and support desperately needed for me and my newly adopted stray Pit Bull, Homer.  She really took time to listen and evaluate Homer’s needs and provide sage advice and a sound strategy for his training. 

I consider Sandy a friend, therapist and an excellent trainer!    

Pete D’Andrea, Echo Park, CA

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